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bad sleep

Last night was not a good night for sleeping. I laid there for hours trying to fall asleep, even trying some relaxation techniques I’d been reading about (focus on each section of your body, from your toes to the top of your head, and take a deep breath in and out saying RE--LAX in your head to drive the other thoughts out—I did this multiple times, slowly, focusing on each section to relax it, and I still didn’t fall asleep.) Then I woke up in the middle of the night to check on my peachtree backup/purge session, which still wasn’t done.

So I’m a bit tired this morning, instead of starting out the week with energy. Which probably means I was too enthusiastic and excited about my coding accomplishments yesterday!!

I’m slowly doing stuff here... and listening to my new CD! I love it, its great! smile


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Kristine, I woke up this morning around 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep for about an hour! I was thinking about all of the things that I want/need to get done. Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep? I’ve tried that relaxation exercise, too, and it seems to work for the most part. But sometimes you just have way too much on your mind! Do you do yoga? That makes me SO relaxed. I want to get back into it. Talk to you later! Have a great night!

I’ve tried that relaxation technique before and it has never worked for me. lol I always find it hard to focus on my toes... and then, by my knees, I’m usually bored. ::giggle::

I’ve found that visualization sometimes makes me sleepy. I don’t go for the standard "You’re on a beach, the waves are crashing..." sort of guided meditaions. I just think of a place that I know I’d be happy, and try to visualize ever detail of it, large and small. I’m usually out like a light after 15 minutes.

Should that not work.... then I visualize opening my chakras (oooh... here’s where chicky gets all New Agey on you) and seeing their colors, etc (colors and stuff can be found here: http://www.scns.com/earthen/other/seanachaidh/chakras.html). It sounds silly, but it seems to work wonders to get me to sleep sometimes.

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