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MySQL links

The path that my thoughts took this afternoon, for reference tomorrow... I had most of these open still and didn’t want to leave them all open while sleeping w/o saving them!

I’m working on some neato stuff, which I’ll share when I get the thoughts perfected. MySQL and referrers based for this one project. Another that I’m in process of is a MT script that Girlie says is gonna be a "doozy of a script" wink

I do believe that my brain is working better this month, without so much stress. I didn’t code barely at all in December, which must have been a sign of my impending worsening. I’m still weak, but definitely doing better than last week at this time. smile

Waxy Backlinks referral script, Phil Ringnalda’s Backlink script, Textism (1.1 available), SQL Count Functions, Group By functions, php.net: mysql_num_rows, Rolling Referrers idea, JuicyStudio: Select SQL statement, Intro to SQL IV—group by and count

from MySQL cheatsheet
Grouping with Counting:</p> <p>mysql> SELECT owner, COUNT(*) FROM table GROUP BY owner;<br /> (GROUP BY groups together all records for each 'owner')
MySQL Wizardry (real examples), PHP:FAQT on MySQL

I’m gonna figure this out, I swear!!! smile


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It’s great to hear that you’re feeling better, and I’m really excited about finding out what cool things are hidden up your sleeves! smile

Glad you’re doing better too.... what are all those tasty links for? Mmm, SQL. smile

Those five little letters scare me...MySQL! "shivers"

Yay! I’m glad you’re feeling better. smile

And coding is always a good thing... at least according to A. ::giggle::


I’m glad to know you’re feeling better.

Coding is neat, though to my mind it still can’t beat realising that you’ve figured out St. Augustine’s philosophy. smile Good luck with all that coding!

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