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forgetful girl

So I am a moron.

On Tuesday, I talked to Annette, and I told her once she left work for the day, I was going to start Peachtree backing up and then purge the data from 2001 so that we could switch to 2003—you can only have 2 years open at a time.

So last night at about 9, I took my drugs and was on my way to bed. First I remembered to add a note to my to do list. When I refereshed to do list , I saw the note from Tuesday about doing the End of Year stuff. Shit. I figured it was going to take more than a day to do the purging. I’m such a dork that I didn’t remember about it at all until last night. Ugh.

So I started it going before I went to bed, and then woke myself up to check on it this morning. The year end stuff was done, but the purging was not, so I’m starting it again to JUST do the year end stuff so that when Annette gets to work in a few hours, at least Peachtree will be usable.

Stupid program. I hate being the responsible one. If I was just normal-level-responsible, I would have said "oh well, Annette just won’t get to work on the computer tomorrow." But I know that in the big picture, that doesn’t work because Leonard must have a pile of shipping to go out since the last day of shipping was 2 weeks ago.

PCAnywhere says I’ve already been connected to work for 55 minutes. Lets hope I can get this fiscal year changed and then go back to bed. I have this stress headache that has been kinda settling on my left eyebrow for the last few days, and its twinging at me!

And that’s why people with short-term memory loss (CFIDS has this as a proven symptom) shouldn’t be responsible for things with time constraints. The old-Kristine would have never forgotten.


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Oh, boy... I just had a major flashback to the days when I had year-end payroll processing to tackle. Back in 1991, it was a lot harder because the software wasn’t as friendly... I remember one time when I manually typed over 100 W-2 forms. QuickBooks changed that, but it was still a lot of work to process, print, and prepare all the year-end stuff. I dreaded it every January... you have my sympathies!

Oh man, that sounds crazy! I’m glad things are a bit more computerized now, althought Peachtree isn’t as great as QuickBooks in the year-end area.
Oh yes, I still have the year-end payroll to worry about in a few weeks. Ugh. But this year, mom said we have so few employees that she’s just gonna handwrite the W-2 and 1099 forms and I don’t have to worry about that. Woo! smile I just have to get her all the info, which is actually pretty organized.

Just wanted to give a hug to my Kristine-y. ~hug~

Aww hon, you’re human. We all make boo boos. You’re not irresponsible. Sure, you might have remembered before CFIDS, but you also might’ve forgotten too. It’ll all get done. This is but a blip on the big screen.

*hugs* smile

Don’t beat yourself up over stuff like this. I know that’s easier to say than to do, but give it a shot. smile I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly.

Short-term memory loss... that’s been happening to me more since I started the Topamax. It’s such a pain! I feel for you sweetie, and hope you get a chance to just relax soon!!

Kristine, I think whoever made Peachtree made it unnecessarily complicated for non-accountant types. I feel for you. Take care, give yourself a break, and it’ll all get done. smile

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