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awake and up

So my body isn’t very awake yet, but I am up and so thankful for the long night’s rest I had. I had fully intended on getting up and saying goodbye, but E came and woke me up to say goodbye to him, and I was so dead that I couldn’t barely open my eyes. Oops. I am glad he woke me up, because I would have been pretty sad if I hadn’t gotten to say goodbye to him!! But they all took showers and got ready, and I barely heard a thing. LOL, so that’s what happens after a week like this wink

I’m in my new jammies and am downloading some new Christian music that Megan was telling me about. I’ve played Spyro for a while, and I’ll probably go back and lay down and read before I do anything more productive.

My body is feeling a little less sore, as is my throat. I still have quite a bit of recovering to do, but I have the house to myself for a few days, and that will give me the rest to get back to normal. Its definately a process that will take a bunch of naps to make me well again.

I made it through the busyest week of my whole year—that’s amazing, and I know that when my body has been weak, God has held me up—I couldn’t have done this alone. And E and Megan were amazingly helpful. I am blessed, there’s no doubt about it. Happy Saturday, my friends smile


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I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! *hugs* Yay for the quiet house.

Enjoy the time to yourself! Where do you download Christian music online?

I’m so glad that you have time to yourself. You need it. Take it easy, rest and recover! smile

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