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the good and the bad

Want the good news first or the badconfused

Good: E is having a great time with his family. They’ve played games, been out to some stores, and done fun stuff. I’m nice and organized for my dinner tonight, and Megan’s gonna come and help me with the setup. Leonard and Sarah won’t be here till 6:30ish, but that’s fine.

Bad: I feel worse than I have at any time in this illness. I’m super sore, my throat is awful feeling, and I’m exhausted. Lymph nodes are more sensative than normal, and I’ve had a headache all week. And I’m actually feeling feverish, but I don’t think I’m running a temperature.
And E leaves tomorrow until the first, and I’ll miss him!

But I’m talking the good with the bad, and trying to keep my head on straight and resting a lot. So what if the in-laws are bored? I need my rest smile

I’ve been reading a lot in bed, and need to add the newest books to collectics. I’ve read some great stuff smile

And I wrote my list for the food today in purple glittery gel pen from E for Christmas. Pretty!!! smile


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Just remember to take it easy girlie. It sounds like this is really tiring for you. Nap. Nap. Delegate. Nap. ;)

Take care of yourself and be well.


p.s. Thank you for the Tender Benders!! They’re absolutely adorable. I’m about to post an entry on them. laughing

Gentle hugs, my friend. Take care of yourself.

I’m sorry to read that you’re not feeling so hot. I hope you get better soon. Take it easy!

i hope you start feeling better soon, kristine..

*huuuuuge hugs*

i hope you’re making sure to take kristine time, even while E’s parents are there. xoxo

Many many hugs to you, Kristine - I hope you feel much better as soon as possible. All my heart to you. smile

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