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Hi smile (sleepy waving...)

Tired out. I woke up late, laid in bed and read for a little while, and then slept again until 11. Got up and finished the nylon sheet for inventory at work today, and ate lunch with E and his family. I sat down there and talked too long, and now I’m all worn out again, but I’m gonna nap this afternoon and go out to dinner with them all later.

I’m missing my blog reading. And my computer time. And even though snowballs are flying at me, I haven’t gotten around to sending them back wink

Happy day-after-Christmas!! smile


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Here’s one more coming your way! smile


Blogger Snowball Fight 2002!

The Snowball Prayer
(Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat)
Oh lovely snowball, packed with care
Smack a head that’s unaware.

Then with freezing ice to spare
Melt and soak through underwear.

Fly straight and true, hit hard and square,
This, oh snowball, is my prayer.

I hope you had a good Christmas! ;)

hehe... I’m glad you’re having a good time, and resting a lot.

And just cuz I like ya...

::evil giggle::

You’ve been snowballed by Tasha!


Hope you get a chance to rest soon—I’m tired for you!

No snowballs from me (they all melted here in Houston) but I’m sending you some love & hope you feel better!

*smiles* merry christmas!

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