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credit card

Its probably a bad sign that I have my credit card/debit card number memorized now wink I think I’ve been buying a lot of stuff online!!!!

Hey, but groceries are done being shopped for now, and that’s a big relief!


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I’m right there with you! I rattled the credit card number off to Matt when he was ordering a cd for himself this morning. He paused a second and then asked, "We still have some money left right?" with a grin on his face. smile

I’ve ben looking at grocery shopping online for a while now and somehow manage to talk myself out of it everytime - I’m convinced I’ll never end up with everything I need all at the same time so someone will have to go to the store anyway. I’d love to hear how t works out for you!

I know that I have my credit card number memorized, too. Online shopping is just so much easier than going to the store - memorizing the number was inevitable. smile

I must admit... I have A’s credit card memorized too...


LOL at A and M!!!! smile

Daphne, I love shopping online. Once you’ve done it a few times, Safeway gives you a list of your favorites, and if you are like me, I order the same things almost every time! So its really a great tool, and since I’m mostly housebound, it really makes the most sense to have them bring it to me - its worth the 9.95 or 6.95 or however much they are charging to come and put it all one my table!!! smile

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