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icky feelings

Icky. That’s how I feel today. I didn’t feel so bad until I gook a nap, and I woke up feeling just crappy and dizzy and disoriented with a twisty tummy. My sister called and said she’d take me to get wrapping paper at Target and then her and mom and Lisa were going to see the new Sandra Bullock movie. I initially told them yeah, that would be good. I figured that given a few hours, I’d start feeling better. Nope. I tried a shower and laying down for a while, but still a no-go.

Ugh. So I called and cancelled. I hate doing that. I haven’t had to cancel on them too many times since I’ve been sick :sigh: when I told Megan that I just wasn’t gonna make it out of the house and so going to the movie wasn’t going to work, she said "well, if that’s what you want to do." No, darn it, its not what I want to do. :sigh:

So today has been unproductive and besides that, my cable keeps blinking out. Way to make the grumpy girl grumpier, stupid cable people!! laughing

Hopefully this weekend will give me enough rest to store up for next week!


FEEL BETTER, Kristine! I feel so bad for you and hope that you’re up and running at 100 percent very soon. It’s no fun feeling icky around the holidays. sad I came down with strep throat on Wednesday, and now that my throat is better (thank God for antibiotics!) I’m coughing nonstop. Ugh!!! sad I hate it. I hope that this cough goes away SOON. Sending get-well vibes your way, and take care! Happy holidays, and may 2003 be a joyous one for you!

I’m sending lots of good thoughts your way. I hope rest will help you have some good days during the next few weeks. You certainly deserve them! smile

It’s always icky when Internet goes out, regardless of anything else. Add that to your ickiness, and it’s not a good situation. I hope that you feel better soon - at least for Christmas. smile

I hope you feel better hon. Hang in there. You’ll have another chance to see the movie. Just rest and relax...

Oh yeah, and give me the number to the cable company, so I can call and yell at 'em for ya. ;)