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holiday skin

I really like my current story skin, but I couldn’t let the holidays go by without something a bit Christmassy.....

Feel free to go and select the Holiday 2002 skin if you’d like some soft red/green colors smile Its slightly zalaryesque now that I look at it :giggle:

The picture on the top is a part of a snowflake on my tree that I took yesterday afternoon. Yes, it does have hearts in it - I’ve always had this obsession with hearts, and I think that’s one of the snowflakes left over from my huge snowflake crazyness of Christmas 1994 smile

Enjoy!! smile


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Oh, Kristine...I Luuuuuuuuuurv this Holiday look, so calming!

Pretty skin! Very nice job.

I really like this skin. Very pretty. smile

I just love this new holiday design Kristine-a-Ling! The colors are gorgeous! Great job girl! {{{{hugs}}}}

very nice. you should make another version of this for when it’s not holiday season anymore smile

I’ve been using and loving your story skin, but this holiday skin has made me switch. I agree with Jade that a version of this for non-holiday use would be great. I love a clean design like this.

I love it! So gorgeous!

Kristine, Your holiday skin is just beautiful.

love the colors, Kristine! smile even though this is just a Christmas skin, i’m going to keep this up for as long as i can!

(and it’s also cuz you’re using green... one of my favorite colors!)

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