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today ...

I’m feeling a bit better compared to yesterday. Still headachy, and I tried to catch up on some stuff, but definately better. I got caught up on my current clients stuff, and that feels so good - I really was behind. I have one other person who wants me to finish something up, and I think I’ll have to have her wait until after the holidays so I don’t do too much.

I did get a bunch more lights up - my window by the door is decorated, and the window in the kitchen is all pretty too. I put deep burgundy red ribbon around my banister decorations (I had put up the pine garland and lights around it yesterday). And I resized some of the pictures I took yesterday, so I’ll put up those tomorrow.

My dad invited me to come over and make mac and cheese and eat with them tomorrow, so I made the mac and cheese and it just needs to be cooked in the morning. I did the easy version because I just couldn’t seem to stand up so well!

Its the weekend! How cool is that?! smile


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Please don’t do more than you can handle...and enjoy the weekend!

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