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stuff and things

After a painful morning, I’m finally up and around and doing more than reading in bed. My groceries are here now, and I got the rest of the lights and the silver beads on the tree. I finished up a few last purchases for Christmas, and am crossing my fingers that Amazon ships stuff when they say they will so they get here in time smile

I just can’t believe its the 10th already. E’s birthday is in 7 days. Christmas is in 15. That’s insano!

Tee hee, they just had a commercial for the Clapper, saying it would be a great gift. LOL, I can’t believe they still are selling that after all these years!

Okay, stuff to do, here I go, lets get at least something done!


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So, should I have them expedite the shipping for your very own Clapper so you can have it in time for Christmas?? smile

Oh, I wish you hadn’t mentioned the Clapper. Now that "clap on, clap off" theme is running through my head. I’ve yet to give or receive a Clapper. I have, however, received and given the Chia pet.

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