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design links

Instead of just saving these in my bookmark file, I thought I’d share a few things I found in my middle-of-the-night surfing....

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition - reading style guides and suggestions are really interesting to me. I like to know what people suggest sometimes, instead of just my self-taught ways. This is a huge amt. of info, and I only skimmed a few topics.

Eric Meyer’s Presentations - and do you want some even geekier stuff to read? :giggle: Check out the presentations that Eric has up on his site - the outlines are really interesting, and I’d love to see him in person. The session with Molly looks SO interesting.

Oh, and yesterday, I spent a little while grabbing some more bookmarklets from the list on the lower right-hand corner of web-graphics. Seems that some of my favorites don’t work in mozilla, so I was looking for new favorites smile I’m probably gonna have to break down and figure out how to make some of them work because they are so neato smile

okay, back to bed for me!


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Go to bed girl! We’re keeping the same hours or somethin' here tonight. lol!

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