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early morning work

Don’t let people guilt you into doing work in the middle of the night just because that’s when the computer is free. :sigh: No, I knew that the statements needed to be finished, and I started working on them Saturday night, but didn’t get them finished, and I left the computer in the previous period so I would come back and finish it. Of course, I didn’t do that with all the Playstation excitement, and so I remembered when I woke up to pee that I should come look at this. So Septemeber is almost done, I still need to do October. And payroll taxes before the 15th. I sure wish I wasn’t needed. But hey, I got a February paycheck this weekend! One is better than none, right?!

Dad wants me to come and install the UPS online system at work. I can’t for the life of me make it work here. I can’t seem to get the addresses to import at work, either. But at least if I can get it set up, Annette can hand enter in the customers data. I don’t know what day Dad’s gonna come get me to do that - let’s hope he gives me a bit of warning before!

And I remembered this weekend that I have to figure out how to archive the 2001 accounting period BEFORE the end of the year. Yikes! I have no idea how to do that, nor do I want it to be my responsibility! Oh, and order payroll tax updates. Ugh!

But, the bonus to getting this done now is that I can go back to sleep and get to cuddle with E until I fall back asleep and I’ll be good and asleep by the time the alarm goes off, so I’ll get to sleep in. Wooo smile And then I can start my Monday off happy and cheery.


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