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yummy lunch

So I did make it out of the house again today. (Even with the new PS2, which is addicting ;) ) E had a real wish to go out to eat with me, so I got all dressed and cute (darn, I forgot to take a pic - my hair was cute today!) and we headed over to Red Robin. I wasn’t quite as hungry as normal, so instead of my regular Teryaki Chicken Burger (minus tomato with ranch to dip my fries), I got the soup and salad - they make GREAT French Onion Soup, which I tend to be picky about because I’ve had a lot of great French Onion Soup in my days. (Hey, my dad’s taken me to some nice restaurants, and that’s a great thing I found I liked!). (They also have great Baked Potato soup, but my dad brought me potatoes, so I plan to make that some time this week!)

We planned our December, for the most part. Figured out what was going on throughout the Christmas season, the time when E’s parents are here, and while he’s gone to CA. Its a busy month, so I need plans and schedules. smile And it helps to talk it all out. We went over all our Christmas presents, too, and I think everything is figured out - I just need to order my mom’s candle and then place the Amazon order tomorrow.

I was still feeling not so bad, and we were right over by Bed Bath, and Beyond, and we needed more pillows and blankets for downstairs when E’s parents come. So we took a quick trip through the store and actually found some nice blankets on the clearance rack, and same for some pillow cases. We got some normal pillows, and I found some cheap tea light candles for my aromatherapy thing in my bedroom. We looked at some of the framed art, because I hate to have E’s family visit again with nothing hanging above the fireplace. It really needs something there. Its a huge space, so we need a nice big picture. E doesn’t want a mirror. We didn’t see anything just right, so I’m gonna try Craft Warehouse one of these days and see what they have that could be framed. We got a gift certificate for Leonard and Sarah because that seemed like the best plan.

So I feel like we accomplished some great stuff today, and I still don’t feel too bad, so yay! I hope that’s a good sign for tomorrow so that I can get some things done then too smile


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Cheers for a good day! *hugs*

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