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where have I been?

Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve been in front of my computer. Its been a busy few days, and I feel so behind!

In my haste to get things done yesterday, I neglected to leave birthday notes for Robyn. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! My thoughts were with you yesterday, even though I didn’t get to say anything here!!

Yesterday was hectic. I got up, and realized that I’d screwed up something with my mail by turning on Spam Assassin on my control panel. So I spent quite a while trying to fix that up, and got another whole pile of viruses that made it even harder to get it fixed (as they came in WHILE I was fixing accounts!) Then E got up, and Megan called to find out what was going on over here. I went downstairs to cook my dishes - E helped a whole lot. I started to get stressed by the end of the whole process, because there were so many things going on, and so I finally took a time out to lay on the couch and just concentrate on breathing, not crying. I was just so anxious, and at that point, I knew that if I didn’t calm down before we left, I was gonna be a wreck. So I laid there for 10 minutes, with E holding me and by the time I got up, I was feeling better.

I wore one of my new outfits and everybody said it looked good smile The pants really were longer than I thought, and I ended up getting safety pins to hold the bottom up a bit smile

We remembered on the way to my parents house that I did forget something - the gravy mix for E, so we stopped by Safeway, and fixed that problem smile It was SO great to just hang out with my family, and the food was amazingly wonderful! Yum.. I’m really hoping to be able to go back over to leftovers at some point today.

All of us kids played Monopoly for a few hours after dinner. smile That was kinda fun! And then we just hung out until the tiredness hit me. It does that so suddenly and I can barely even form the words about how tired I am!

I slept a lot last night, but I’m still pretty tired. It was exhausting, but a happy day. I think it just takes a lot out of me to be around that many people right now. But it was an excellent day.

So many things to be thankful for. Eric, my best friend, soulmate, and care-giver. I love him so much. Both sides of our family for being so caring and understanding. Friends who are amazingly constant in their love and support. I’m so lucky to have found such great online friends over the last year. I love you guys!! A great apartment to live in, and we still are making it with our finances without my income. Love-productions growing over this last year, and becoming an official business. There’s so many more things - God has been good to us, and during this holiday season, I am reminded of that all the more.

And on that blessed feeling, I’ll conclude this post and try to get caught up with the stuff on my desk a bit more. And maybe take a nap and a shower before E gets home so we can go have leftovers smile


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Teehee! My favorite K! I’ve been blessed by you too! Glad to hear you had a good day. Mush love!

(On a separate note - the recently updated bar in the black/red skin is overlapping the posts - I can’t read the last few letters of the first sentences. Eek! IE 5.5 on Win2k. Let me know if you need screenshots.)

(Psst... the updated bar is back to where it normally is, in case you didn’t know that already. *wink*)

A very belated thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

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