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pumpkin bread

Okay, so I’ve never made any fancy breads before, but I wanted to make something pumpkiny - my mom always makes pumpkin pie, and so I didn’t really wanna try that. So I went for pumpkin bread. I’m doing a combination between this recipe - Pumpkin Bread IV - and this one - Melt in your Mouth Pumpkin Bread. I liked the idea of putting coconut cream pudding mix in it, so I kinda mixed the recipes. I only have one bread pan, though, so I made 1 loaf and muffins, and then will make another loaf once this one is done.

It smells really good! I’ve been standing too long, though, so E’s gonna have to actually cook the vegeburgers, although I mixed up the ingredients and formed them into patties smile


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I’ve seen several recipes in my books for various types of beer bread...I have a batch of Pumpkin Ale that I made, and I bet it would make interesting bread. I really have to try it before we drink up all the beer! smile

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