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this or that 112602

Its time for this or that!

  1. Stuffing: baked inside the turkey, or separately? Inside smile Leonard *loves* the stuffing, but I’m not as big of a fan.
  2. Fresh or frozen turkey? I don’t think I’ve ever had Fresh - its always been frozen!
  3. Cranberry sauce: jellied or whole berry? partial berries smile We make a jello salad type thing with whole berries, but squish them as we are cooking them. Yummmmmmm
  4. Stay home or visit friends/relatives? Going to my parents smile
  5. Do you cook Thanksgiving dinner, or let someone else do it? Someone else - my parents and siblings. I’ll be making a few dishes to bring with me, though.
  6. Traditional turkey dinner, or an alternative (such as vegetarian)? traditional for me, vegetarian for E. I’ll bring a nut loaf or something for him. He may get special K loaf because my mom hasn’t had time to give me the recipe for nut loaf, and so I don’t know if I have the ingredients!
  7. Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes? Regular potatoes and butternut squash smile
  8. Homemade gravy, or the jarred stuff? They make gravy in jars? Always homemade. smile
  9. What part of the turkey do you prefer...dark or white meat? white meat. And it makes fabulous sandwiches afterwards smile
  10. After dinner: football or Christmas movies? neither. Just family talking and stuff. smile


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