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happy thoughts

Yesterday afternoon, I decided that my clothes needed to be put in the closet instead of just in a pile on the floor. They were all folded, I just hadn’t found room for them. So I started moving things around and then decided that I needed to just take out the things that there is no chance I’ll fit into them again. :sigh: I made a big pile. I kept some things that were questionable because It would be *nice* if I could wear them again. And I haven’t gone through the hanging clothes yet. Or the rest of my dressor. Its pretty darn frustrating. But the thing is, I was the same size a year ago as I was in high school. So quite a few of my clothes were pretty old. Like the shirt I wore yesterday - I got it when I was 16. LOL. So I really shouldn’t feel bad about getting rid of some of the stuff! And I have hips now, and my rib cage actually expanded (I went from a 32bra size to 36!) Those things don’t go back in. Anyhow, so that wasn’t a very uplifiting project.

I was halfway done with my grocery order yesterday afternoon when the phone rang, and the caller ID actually told me where it was coming from (I’ve been having to avoid all "unavailables" to keep the telemarketers from harrassing me). And it was Megan! She was home already smile We got to chat for quite a while, and it was so nice. So we are going to go shopping TODAY! Wow, I shoulda made more of a point to rest yesterday if I had known, but I didn’t, so I’m gonna just do my best. smile

So I’m up for just a little while because my dream as I came out of the Ambian haze was very sad. I’m gonna try to nap again for a little while to get extra rest. Because I know that walking through the mall is gonna kill me!!!


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Good luck with your outing today! Buy some cute stripey socks while you’re shopping. =)


Yeah, have fun, and remember to take it easy. Buy some cute clothes. We expect details and pictures later! ;)

I wish I were going shopping today instead of working. Sigh. Enjoy your time with your sister and shopping!

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