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thanksgiving thoughts

Did I mention? My sister is coming home tomorrow, I think. smile If she can get out of her class on friday morning. She’ll be home for over a week, and that’s super exciting. At some point during the week, she’s gonna take me shopping. She’s the only one I would really "burden" with that responsiblity, with the way my body aches right now.

But I really need some clothes, because I can’t very well wear jammies the entire time when my in-laws are here at Christmas. So I’m going for some new things. I have clothes that fit me - but they are the shorts that I got before June. Good news is that I haven’t changed in weight since that time. But I haven’t gone down to my pre-paxil weight. I’m at least 25-35 lbs above where most of my clothes are at. In fact, I was looking through my drawers on my dresser, and didn’t find anything that fit. The weight isn’t coming off easily, so I’m gonna assume that for the moment, my exercise ability is limited, and so putting some of these clothes away would not make me feel so icky about myself.

Anyhow, so I’m gonna get some new clothes - starting with Lane Bryant - maybe a few pairs of pants and a few shirts. If I’m really lucky, I’ll make it all the way down the mall to Old Navy and check out there jammie selection - I’d love another set, since that’s what I wear on normal inside days. And I don’t have enough for 1 every day yet :giggle: I had a dream that I found black velvet overalls again - I used to looks SO DANG CUTE in my black velvet overalls when I was skinny smile

So I am planning on that for one day next week. Expect me to be completely worn out after that trip, but its necessary.

And then for thanksgiving, we are going to my parents house - I haven’t seen most of my family since Matthew’s birthday (October 14), which is insanely long, when I’ve been used to seeing them every day at work. I need to check with my mom and see what she’d like me to bring for thanksgiving - last year, I did Green Bean casserole and corn casserole. I definitely want to make the corn one because E really likes it, and it will give him something that he loves at the table. I need to ask her about a non-meat dish, too, and see if she needs me to make it. He really liked the nut loaf she made last year.

So that’s what’s going on next week. I can’t believe its so close to Thanksgiving, and then in turn, Christmas! I’ve gotta get shopping (online!) smile


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I’m not sure if you have the stores themselves out there, but I got pants at Avenue (www.avenue.com maybe?) that I *love*. They had some super cute casual clothes too!

Just don’t get the stripe socks like mine at Old Navy. *wink!*

We have so much in common that I think I’m going to start calling you my blogging sister... lol

Since I stay home during the days now too, I have my favorite pair of jammies that I wear. I only change when A is on his way home. hehe

I just went shopping at Lane Bryant last night. I got an adorable jacket, and a really cool bra! They had a lot of cool/cute clothes in. I told A that if anyone asks... I want a gift certificate from there for Christmas! ;)

One last thing... Shopping online? That’s the only way to go. Avoid all the holiday crazies, and have it shipped right to your door. laughing

I’ve found some really nice things at Silhouettes. www.silhouettes.com

And now I must go to sleep. I bet Brad and Katya are wondering where the heck I am!

Hey Kristine! Can I be nosey and ask if you’re still on Paxil? I’ve been on since February and it’s like all of a sudden I’ve put on extra weight. And I didn’t need it either! What to do, cry all the time and not gain weight or gain weight and be happy? Great choices, eh? LOL

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