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GB and pictures!

I added some new pictures to snap! yesterday and today. smile

no, the boobies are over here wink

What’s the story about the makeup pictures? I was looking through my eye shadows, and realized that I had quite the collection. All are gardenbotanika, and its a collection of about 7 years! I would guess that I have one of the largest collections of their stuff :giggle: So I love how makeup looks. The powders on the brushes, the colors in their little tubs - it just makes me smile, and the pictures were great fun to take.

I’m sad that GB has changed the style of their makeup so many times, and that there stores are no more (only online). But I sure love the collection I have smile


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They closed most of the garden botanika’s here. I never really got a chance to enjoy them.

Like I just said over at Snap!... that’s quite the collection. Always good to keep your options open.

Yay makeup! laughing

I love this layout wOOt!!

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