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work crap

So this week has been particularly bad for family work stuff. Somebody has called me from work EVERY DAY this week for one problem or another. I spent another hour on the phone this morning.

And all of it was making me feel so guilty for not having done the stuff on my desk for them. In the middle of the night, I woke up worrying about it, and spent 2 1/2 hours on Peachtree over the phone lines working on bank statements. Ugh. So I finally went back to sleep, but I don’t feel so good now. And then I had JUST gotten up, and mom called, then Annette called. So this morning has been a big bomb so far. I have things I need/want to do myself, you silly people!

Thank goodness that I have a fun client project to work on and am plotting ways to help the boobie campaign. These things make me smile, as do happy emails from a certain sweet girl smile


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*giggle* I’m so glad I could make you smile! Now I want to see that photo of you on the floor over at PY! Now! Now!

And would that happy client be Ms. Cheesy? Because - let me tell you ... she called me last night just to babble about how wonderful you are, and I must say I agreed 10,000%!!!

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