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mixed blessing

So I’m always excited when my cpanel for my site gets updated. Especially this time because AWstats now has the option to view ALL of the referring sites and info. Its great. My host rocks! smile I love that they are always improving things so quickly smile E was even impressed the other day at how high of a version of Perl and PHP we have!

Except that this morning, when I was going through the list, I found a lot more people who were direct linking to images on my site and using my graphics improperly. So I took about an hour and wrote hosting companies. I know, I need to fix out how to use .htaccess, but with all the domains I have, it is a bit more complex because I am using so many aliases between them.

:sigh: Why can’t people just read the directions? Most of the instances I saw this morning was just sheer laziness - they had their own webspace but didn’t feel like uploading the file to their own server.

Anyhow, this all reminded me to go and backup my site. Have you done that lately? Its not hard, and gives you some extra secure feelings smile I do my sql databases while I’m in there, too, because that stores all my MT stuff smile


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Blogmania sounds really good. I’d be over there if my plan was available there. Does Christine do custom packages?

I did all my backups on Friday smile and SQL backups at that time too smile

Great, thanks for the reminder, Kristine! I need to be doing that too. *sigh* It’s just that I never think of it...LOL

Kristine, Thanks for the AWstats tip. I hadn’t checked it yet today. I, too, love being on Blogomania. Christine makes everything so easy.

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