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As you’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit busy lately. Its happy busy-ness, because I’m finding some design jobs and MT setup stuff, and those things make me smile.

I just finished up a design and setup for Tim’s Lounge, and I’m so happy with how the layout turned out. He wanted Retro and I ran with it! I love the martini glass, and the font, and the shapes, and its just too cool smile

The big thing I accomplished this weekend was finishing up my Portfolio. For a long time, there was just a short list of sites I had made, and I have really wanted to showcase the things I have done. I gathered my screenshots, and last weekend, I got all the data put into a MySQL database. This weekend, I wrote the scripts to pull the data out of the database so its only a several click job to add new info!

You should flip through the list - you can click on them to see more details, and its a lot of fun to see how much I’ve grown in my designing. The really early stuff isn’t there because I don’t have screenshots of the earliest bad designs I did! Those of you who have known me for a while might see stuff you recognize ;) But I would guess that its only rina-doll who has seen them all smile (She’s been around for all of my designs!!)

So, who’s up next for needing some graphic/MT/coding work done? wink I’m ready!!


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Wow, Tims site is quite cool hon!! smile And your portfolio ROCKS!! It is really neat to see some of your older stuff...very wide array of types for people to check out! Great job!!

Kristine, Wow is right! I just visited Tim’s Lounge and I love it. Your portfolio is very impressive. You are a little gold mine (and a real gem too).

You always do the most lovely work. Have I told you lately how talented you are? ~hugs~

Everything in your portfolio looks great smile Good job!

i found your page clicking through neuroticfishbowl, which i found while exploring weblogs.com. Tim’s Lounge is amazing. i just set up MT at my site yesterday, so i’m relatively new to css design.

You always do the best designs smile I’m tempted to drop you a line to help me put together some extra skins and styles for TripleB, just to add variety. smile

Great job on Tim’s site! The portfolio looks good...brought back tons of memories as I think I have been to all those sites! smile

Tim’s site is beautiful...you are very talented.

So, whos up next for needing some graphic/MT/coding work done? Im ready!!

Me! ::jumps up and down, arms waving wildly:: This is me remembering to remind you about the project we talked about this summer for Michigan. It’s been jumping in my head at random times for the last few weeks, and I never remember to sit down and do anything about it! I’m good to start on Friday, if I write myself lots and lots of notes. Let me know when it’s good for you. : )

Your stuff is always so great and fun without being cheesy. I love that. smile And as far as coding/mt work I think when I finally get my wedding pictures in, I’ll send some email your way. I want to do a base design for lewinandcristen.com that will incorporate 1 or 2 of said photos and some artsy stuff. smile

Wow, I love the site you designed for Tim’s Lounge, it’s fabulous, as is all of your work. smile

Tim’s page is a lovely design... I’m quite fond of retro looks these days, and the fonts, graphics, and colors you’ve chosen blend in beautifully. Bravo!

Wow, Kristine! I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Wonderful work smile

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