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a few tricks

I’ve had a few extra minutes to clean a few bookmarks off my desktop. One of them was to dive into mark/August 15, 2002, where he explained a great way to mark acronyms in your site using the MT Macros (which I already have installed because Brad is awesome and so many great ideas come out of his head!). So if I type MT in my post, it will show a dotted line under it and if you hover it in newer browsers, you’ll see a definition of it. Cool, huh?

I’m also testing out Brenna’s idea and Brad’s solution for [ code ] tags, just like I use in the MT forums all the time and find myself typing everywhere else.
<b>This should not parse the bold tags</b> And it will appear in my <div class="code"> container to look more like actual code.
I should try and do [url] tags, too, because I tend to type those, too. Dude, if YOU had almost 3000 posts on the forum, your keys would get used to typing them too ;)

So here goes nothing - let’s post this baby and see how it works smile

Just a note - only the first instance of an acronym is listed. Because once you’ve seen it, you don’t need to know again. smile Triiiicky!


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Very cool tips!

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