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cookies gone?

When I came back from being gone (I left the house, woo!), I got into the MT forums and it didn’t remember me. That was odd. So I signed in. I went over to Kymberlie ’s blog, and went to comment, and it didn’t remember me either. Then I went to excite to check the tv guide, and it didn’t have my customized listing. Crapola, when my browser crashed last time, it must have eaten my cookies. I hate it when that happens!!!


Oh, that really irks me too, Kristine! I just get used to things being remembered, then I have to dig through my papers to find my login information everywhere. UGH! Then I always think, WHY didn’t I make all the logins the same?!?! LOL

oh ugh! mine used to do that alll the time and it is soo annoying. you might try just restarting, sometimes that will restore them (or has worked for me in the past)

happy sunday girl! smile

I was thinking about clearing out my cookies because I have sooooo many and I don’t like the fact that so many people are probably tracking me. Then I realized what a mess it would be to have to fill in forms everywhere - so I left them alone!