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igpay atinlay

Iway oundfay isthay Igpay Atinlay anslatortray overway atway Onay-eggscuseway, andway Iway ustjay adhay otay ayplay ithway
itway. Enwhay Iway asway inway Anishspay2 inway ighhay oolschay, ymay estbay iendfray ecidedday itway ouldway ebay
unnyfay otay ytray andway itewray emay otesnay inway Anishspay utbay igpay-atinedlay anishspay. Osay enwhay Iway eesay igpay
atinlay, Iway an'tcay elphay utbay inkthay ofway erhay.

found at Eggscuseme smile

I found this Pig Latin translator over at No-eggscuse, and I just had to play with it. When I was in Spanish II in high school, my best friend decided it would be funny to try and write me notes in Spanish but pig-latined spanish. So when I see pig latin, I can’t help but think of her.


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Hey Girl,

Are you trying to come up with that new GateWAY commercial? lol.............
It rocksway.

Hugs always,

Oodnessgay irlgay.

Iway otgay allway ethay ayway otay ethay Anishspay artpay andway
enthay ostlay itway... ;)

Igpay Atinlay! Oolcay! Ethay adgray igpay icturespay orfay ethay
anslatortray ackgroundbay areway ivinggay emay ethay asecay
ofway ethay igglesgay.(English translation: Pig Latin! Cool! The grad pig pictures for the translator background are giving me the case of the giggles.)

LMAO! Pretty sad when you can translate almost instantly from pig latin, eh? *L* I remember when I was kid speaking pig latin all the time!