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more stargate news

Anderson and Shanks Ready to Step Through the 'Stargate'

One sticking point was Anderson’s schedule. During filming, he has commuted between Vancouver, where the series is shot, and Los Angeles, where he has a daughter, 4-year-old Wylie
"The scheduling so far, as indicated, is really spectacular to me."

Good, that means we have O'Neil confirmed now! smile
One thing that is confirmed is that former series regular Michael Shanks—who played archaeologist Daniel Jackson, part of Air Force Col. Jack O'Neill’s (Anderson) outer-space exploration team—is rejoining the cast.

Wow, I had no idea that it was even going to be an option, how super cool is that? Suppose that SG1 is going to be a 5 member team now?


I’m not really a fan of the show but my fatehr is so I’ve seen it enough times to know who is who. My father even has the first two seasons on DVD and plans to get the others when they are released. I will say when I saw that "Daniel" left, even I was puzzled as to why. Glad to see he’s returning.

I’m curious _how_ they are going to bring Daniel back. When he left,in episode Meridian, he had advanced to become a high being, choosing the Ascension. I wonder if he will appear in both human and 'spirit' form?

Of course, maybe this has already been explained (don’t tell me! smile ), Australia is waaay behind the US. We’re up to where O'Neill was implanted with a snake as he calls them, by the Tok'ra. He hasn’t come back into it yet, last episode there was no O'Neill. From the previews, he’s back next week (ep. 116) and Michael Shanks reprises the role of Daniel! I’m so glad he will be back permanently (later on) and especially, that I get my weekly fix of O'Neill. Ahh. ;)

Interesting. I thought Daniel went off as some kind of ascended being, and was replaced by Quinn. So how on earth does he come back full time? I mean, as some kind of ascended being, wouldn’t that sort of make him an uebermensch.... above the Go'uld and company?