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mailbox walk!

I made it to the mailbox!!! That may not seem exciting for most people, but when you’ve been in the house for over a week, its exciting! (only stood on the porch a few times here and there since the last time I left the house). Its really not that far, but I took some pictures along the way, so it took me a little longer. I had to really rest and sit down for about 10 minutes afterwards before trying to move again, and my legs are definitely feeling it, but it was a nice walk!

Did I mention how much I miss wearing makeup? So after I took a shower during As The World Turns, I did my hair. And then decided to go all the way and put on makeup. I’m wearing GB’s Green Tea with Gold Leave (its a green/gold sparkle) on top of it, and sheer rasbperry/raisin lipstick. I curled my eyelashes and put on mascara. And then got dressed. I think I’m gonna really try to get E to take me to dinner. I’m still not totally feeling great, but better, and hey, I’m dressed! He didn’t come home for lunch, so its possible that he didn’t eat. So I should feed him smile

Its a new Trading Spaces, and I’m looking for a PHP/MySQL tutorial, but I’m gonna try to rest on the couch for a little while before E comes home.


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Aw I wish you were feeling better, but sometimes getting "fixed" up can help a little. I hope you got to go out to dinner!

Aw I wish you were feeling better, but sometimes getting "fixed" up can help a little. I hope you got to go out to dinner!

Yay Kristine! I just want you to know I’m thinking about you and sending good, positive thoughts your way.

I’m so glad you had a good, glmorous day - here’s hoping today is even better!

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