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mt2.5 - two things I like

there are 2 wonderful things that I love about MT2.5 today....
—when I have a to do list, I can edit it and it doesn’t ping weblogs.com, it just updates my page.
—when I talk about a previous post, it pings it, and that gives me a sense of connection between topics.
So have you upgraded?? smile


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I upgraded yesterday and it didn’t take very long and everything went smoothly! Yay!

Yes! And I love it! It’s so great. I liked Trackback when they first implemented it, but now that it’s automatic, I absolutely love it. It’s wonderful. No more chasing down a Trackback ping addy. YAY! laughing

"when I talk about a previous post, it pings it"
do you mean within your own blog(s)?... 'cause I can’t get it to do that!

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