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Well, the dreams weren’t bad this time. I was working ("no, mom, the $700 payment divides up between 2 invoices, but we didn’t get charged for half...." It was odd!), so they were a bit stressful, but not bad or sad. Phew!

I finished Spyro 2 again last night. I was really looking forward to starting Spyro 1, and I borrowed it from Matthew, but its so scratched up that I can’t get it to play sad Our playstation is wearing out. The noise is doing funky things. But when you think about it, I got it for E on Valentine’s day 2000. That’s 2 1/2 years of fun. And we’ve been planning to get a PS2 for a while, so it will work out fine. (and when I’m sure my PS disks work in the PS2, I’m gonna buy me a new copy of Spyro 1!!!! Hey, its only 14.95 wink )

My dad came over yesterday for a while. He had his car all cleaned up and shiney, and wanted me to take some pictures (here’s an older pic). He brought it to Dick Hannah on Friday (our local Honda dealer - where he bought it) and offered to sell it back to them as a display model for what he paid for it. He said they actually were considering it! Its got 566,000 miles on it right now, and its really in almost perfect condition - it’s a 1990 Accord. So while we were out there, he told me all about all the newer touch-ups he’d been doing - a new rubber seal around his door, a little black paint on the front of the windshield whipers, etc. And we talked a little bit about Leonard and Sarah, and he updated me on Lisa’s counseling. Apparently, it didn’t go well on friday. She just has this strong desire to hang out with crappy people, and dad doesn’t think its a good idea (IMO, for good cause). So its worrysome to us all.

I got to chat with both Christine and my zalary-love yesterday, and that really made my day better. By the end of the afternoon, the depressed feelings had started to drift away, and then by the time I went to bed, I was feeling much better. So that was a relief.

I got all of my MP3s all sorted out yesterday. And my queue on KaZaaLite is almost all cleared out. I like it when that happens smile So now I need to add the new people I downloaded to lovesongs.

So I’m hungry. And the sleepyness is coming back. Yesterday I got back into bed around this time and E woke up. I don’t know if I want to do that again! Maybe I’ll just rest on the couch. Or be REALLY quiet climbing back into bed!


Seymour is beaming. As a Honda Parts Professional, he just LOVES when those Hondas last forever... he just said "That’s sweet."

Tell your Dad that Seymour is very impressed with how he has maintained it. (And that’s saying something from my husband, since he’s a car maniac like no other!)

you can definitely play older PS games on the PS2! and with the major price drop a few months ago, they are definitely a fun investment! heehee

Not only will all your PSOne games work in a PS2 but you can turn on Texture blending so the textures are more smoothed and look even better than they did on the PSOne. Expect about a 20% improvement in 3d graphics on your old PSOne Games. But do not get rid of your PSOne memory cards. The PS2 Memory Cards are a totally different beast and you need the old format cards around. The upgrade is totally painless and I can’t recommend it more. There is also a faster load option for PSOne games in the PS2 but it is problematic with about 50% of the software out there so I just stick to Texture Smoothing on PSOne Games.

I can’t think of a reason NOT to get a PS2 they are quite a bang for your buck and I wrote about this in a FAQ of mine
How to Get Your Video Gaming Money’s Worth

Oh and if you are ever stuck in a game there is allways GameFaqs for a good hint for what to do

OOOOH! I’m noting those links from Jake! But on a side note - I bought Jason’s PS1 the same Christmas that my parents bought the PS2. (they needed a DVD player too, so it made good sense.) At the time, all he had were PS1 games - that way he could play them at both houses. I got the Spyro 1 game for something close to $10 at Target - so you might want to check them out! (And it definitely works on the PS2!)

I bought the PS1 used at one of the game stores - they had a deal where if I bought a disk cleaner for $10, then I had a 100% guarantee for 1 year where I could get a new used one if it broke. We’ve had it for 2 years now!

Oh - the generic PS1 cards don’t seem to work quite right in the PS2 box. I need to get Jason some real Sony PS1 cards before Christmas since the PS2 is sitting in my closet waiting for him!