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pumpkin bread

Every once in a while, I just get these mad cravings. My tummy just said "yum, you’d really like some pumpkin bread from burgerville, wouldn’t you?" What an odd thing to think about! and of course, when I google for pumpkin bread and burgerville, all I find is a comment I made about it on maddy-sarah’s blog LOL! So maybe I’ll have to make that smile Or go over the bakery that is rumored to actually make the pumpkin bread that’s only a few miles away. Or go to burgerville which is only a few more miles away. LOL!


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Pillsbury makes Pumpkin bread that only takes 2 eggs and a little cooking oil to make and it’s so yummy !!! You reminded me I need to make my zucchini bread smile

I don’t know if it will do for this craving but Starbuck around here was pumpkin loaf bread in all their stores, maybe they will have it there. It’s pretty darn good.

If we didn’t live so far from each other, I would make some and send it to you. But I am afraid it would spoil before it got to you! But I’ll send you my recipe, if you want!

I live in Pinole,Ca 94564 I love you’re Punpkin Bread at xmas I bought it at Safeway now I cant’t find it .Could I buy a case from you?thanks Lynette

Lynette - I’m sorry I don’t make pumpkin bread, just a few loafs at a time for myself - I think you are looking for another company!

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