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sad dreams

I went back to bed, and finally fell back asleep.

My dream was so sad. Megan and Lisa were married and had kids and we were having a huge family get together, and E’s parents were there too. These flowers that I had apparently planted had died, and I was trying to revive them, but the pot was full of worms, so I was trying hard to replant them without touching the worms. And I wasn’t doing too well - barely able to walk. And Megan and Lisa told their kids that they could go to the zoo if I could, and when I told them there was no way I could make it to the zoo, everybody started crying. and that mde me cry.
And it made me wonder if that’s how it will be in the future. So I woke up sad.


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Hiya sweetie!

Between this dream and your other post, it sounds like your "deep self" is still trying to adjust to these new lifestyle changes. It also sounds like your deep self has some fear about these adjustments and is expressing that in your dreams. Normal, of course, since you are making big changes and are concerned about how much your life is going to keep changing. But normal or not, it doesn’t help you sleep!

I wonder if doing some meditation at some point in the day would help settle your mind. I’ve been doing it at night and find that it has helped my vivid dreams a lot. Especially the guided mediation CD’s I’ve been listening to, because they have such wonderful images and music that I just get totally relaxed about 30 seconds in. And even when I wake up later in the night, by brain is still relaxed. On the rare night I have a dream when I’ve listened to the CD, I’m still relaxed... my brain seems to be saying "wow, that was interesting, but it’s sleep time." And I go right back to sleep.

Take care!

No way, it will not be like that in the future. You’ll be able to do lots of things with your family!

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