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brother and sister

I have a feeling that I’m gonna be busy with my brother and sister a lot in the near future! Megan called this morning and we talked for an hour or so. We discussed wedding stuff and then her research paper. She’s in research writing this quarter, and I’m such a good researcher that I’m helping out smile She’s thinking about doing it on the importance of healthful eating while pregant.... maybe how it impacts the childs health as they get older. It seems really interesting smile

And then, she prompted me to look up Heathmans Lodge as a potential place to have the wedding. She had helped plan a school banquet in their banquet room, and really liked it. So I printed off some stuff for Leonard.

I cheered up E at lunch - he’s had a bad couple of days with work. Some stupid techs aren’t being responsive, and its really causing issues for the company he is supporting on this case. Eeek. Poor guy.

So now I’ve been doing some assorted things, and then talked to Leonard again. I printed him the list of wedding locations from bravowedding.com - I had printed them the list of reception locations yesterday.

So I’m in full wedding-planner mode! smile I can’t help it, I love this stuff. E says that as long as I can do stuff from my desk, its okay. The running around needs to be left to the people with more energy. I can do that. smile


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Seymour is the same way with me. He’s very protective of my "energy envelope"!

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