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young macgyver

'MacGyver' Back in Action at The WB

The network has given a production order for the pilot from Paramount Network TV, which made the original "MacGyver." The new show would focus on MacGyver’s nephew, who follows his uncle’s footsteps to the think tank/international crime-fighting organization the Phoenix Foundation.

Woo! I loved MacGyver. I’m sure that’s why I like Stargate so much ;) So the thought of another fun show like this makes me smile smile

Stargate and MacGyver connections:

  • In "Children of the Gods" (1st episode), Capt. Carter states that it took them 2 years to "MacGyver" a dialing system for the Stargate. "MacGyver" was the name of the 1985-1992 tv show starring Richard Dean Anderson.
  • Don S. Davis (General Hammond) worked previously with Richard Dean Anderson on his "McGyver" series. He was the "body double" for Dana Elcar. By the way, while Don was never a real life General, he was once a Captain in the Army.



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Macguyver.... all I think of is that Simpsons epsidle where Patty had to watch Macguyver on her honeymoom . Richard dean anderson was a hottie, though .

Ooh! ooh!! That sounds awesome! though I wish they would make a new series of MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson...just an older MacGyver! Mmmm...Richard Dean Anderson....yum! smile

Another Sg1/MacGyver connection is Christopher Judge (Teal'c), he was also in MacGyver!! The episode was "Live and Learn"
More info here: http://www.geocities.com/macgyver82_fi/096.htm

Did anyone else notice that the "treasure" used to trap the escaped convicts from the transport in the lateset SG1 episode were props used in various Macgyver archaeology episodes. I don’t know the names of those episodes but maybe someone else can help me out with that.

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