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matrix news

'Matrix' Sequels to Come Out Only Months Apart Next Year

I think we won’t even have to advertise the third film, we’ll just tell people the date, and they’ll come," Silver tells Zap2it in an interview over the weekend. "The story is so fantastic." Silver says "The Matrix Reloaded" is set for release next May 15, and the third part, "The Matrix Revolutions" will be out in October.

Oh, yay! That will be fun smile I’m lookin' forward to it, and E will be even more excited.


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Woo hoo! I can’t wait!

Wait, I thought Reloaded was coming out this December? It isn’t coming out until next May?

I just can’t beleive they are finally going to release them. And I heard Reloaded was going to come out in December too. They must have decided to push it back again. Maybe they don’t want to have to compete with the next LOTR movie, which will be out in mid Dec.

Ugh. I was really looking forward to the Harry Potter / Matrix / LOTR movie sandwich. It was totally going to make my bleh holiday plans bearable. Pooey.

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