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pizza dreams

I ate too late last night (after 7:30ish) and drank too much root beer (2+ glasses) and so sleeping was a bit hard. E said we were gonna have pizza dreams but I was hoping he’d be wrong. At least there weren’t crazy creatures chasing me like last night. I’d rather wake up with a tummyache from pizza than have crazy creatures chase me on a regular night!!!!

The pizza was good. But we ended up having to go to Round Table because our local pizza place - Pizza Palace - had a sign up saying "Closed Monday: Winter Hours" - they must not be doing well financially this year because in all the years I’ve lived here, I know they’ve never had winter hours sad Suck. They are the best, and I like their pizza so much better. But we still got pizza, and boston cream pie/cake/whatever and Matthew got fun presents, and we had a nice time out with the family smile We missed Megan (she’s up at school), and mom even accidently bought her a pop because she’s started thinking in terms of 9 people now LOL! So it was a fun night smile

So I’m up and surfing and posting to the MT forums and leaving crazy comments everywhere. Hopefully sleep will come again quickly! Its warm in here - 48 at 3:45am, so I have the fan on me ;) Here I was, complaining about it being 41 the other day and so cold. Let’s just guess that its the pizza’s fault ;)


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I too ate pizza very late last night! I have to be careful because filling my stomach late can fill my head with a migraine in the morning. But the wings with the ranch dressing, the ham and bacon and cheese toppings, and the breadsticks with garlic sauce are just too tempting sometimes!

I haven’t been to a round table pizza for about 15 years, back when I lived in California. In fact, the last time I was there, I feared for my life as a man with a gun came in trying to aim at a man running around the restaurant. The man with the gun kept shouting 'Give me my money!'. There was a LOT of gum under that table!

I was surprised when I surfed on in today... Love the mellowcreme look! smile

Still sounds like a fun night...even with pizza dreams.

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