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wedding stuff!

Things might get a bit busier around here! A little over a month ago, Leonard and Sarah announced their engagement smile And last week, they found out she is expecting! smile So I’m gonna get a new sister AND be an Aunt soon! smile

The original plans were a wedding in June, but now, that’s when the baby will be arriving ;) So the wedding is now probably going to be in January. Which means that wedding plans are going to have to be made in 3 months! (yep, January 18!).

I’m gonna try to help out as I can - I still have tons of decorations and paper goods left from my wedding, and still have a lot of resources (like 2G Roses and Robyn ;) and I’m sure I’ll dig a few more out!)

It’ll be fun, and I look forward to getting to know Sarah better during the process. She seems so sweet, but I worry about overwhelming her with my wedding stuff!!! smile


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Awww your going to be an aunite.. awwwww smile Congrats to them!

Awww your going to be an autie.. awwwww smile Congrats to them!

Awww your going to be an auntie.. awwwww smile Congrats to them!

OH geezz.. sorry for the triple posting Kristine! If you look at "auntie" in all the posts, you’ll see why! *giggle*

Congratulations! How exciting for your family!

I planned my wedding in six weeks—if ya’ll need any hints on "minimum fuss/stress" planning, let me know.

Being an aunty is cool, and I should know, for I am aunty to 10 nephews (the eldest is 11 months younger than me) and 9 nieces (the youngest is 4)! Big family, prolific breeders (except me!). Three months is plenty of time! Two of my sisters were married within 3 months of each other, with planning starting about three months planning before the first! Mum made the cakes and dresses too! smile Take it easy though, dude.

Congratulations, sweetie! That is such great news!

I planned my whole wedding in 6 weeks. That included my Mom sewing my dress and 2 bridesmaid dresses. And two "sample" dresses (out of cotton) to make sure my dress would fit. And my wedding was an hour & a half away from home. But it went *perfectly* without a single hitch. (Too bad the marriage itself didn’t go as well!)

Congratulations - but you knew that already! Teehee! Mush love!

My wedding was planned in about 3 weeks, which included a last minute shopping spree for my dress the night before the wedding (like, we were getting married at 2pm on Saturday,and I got my dress at about 5pm the Friday before). If I can do it in that short of a time, you guys should have no problems with 3 months smile

I got our out-of-state wedding planned in six weeks as well! I hope the checklist I just found will help... And congrats—such wonderful news! smile

I planned ours in 2 months and so far all is a go as of now and we are due to get married on the Oct. 18th... Only down fall is that my mom won’t be there but otherwise everything is a go...

Congrats on being an aunt..

We just eloped on our lunch hour one day, just shy of 12 years ago ;)

congrats to all involved!!!