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super slow internet

My internet just started going in slow motion. Makes it awful hard to be speedy question answering girl over on the MT forums I’m trying anyhow. I just ran a tracert and when the connection isn’t timing out, a ping is taking between 800 and 1400ms. I think that’s bad. really sucky bad! And of course, the AT&T page sucks SO bad that I can’t even log in, even when I’m looking right at the password. I f'in swear, they are trying to screw me by messing up my accounts, and then I won’t be able to log into pay. LOL!

"AT&T Broadband Cable Internet services in your area are currently operating up to standard."

Hello, this isn’t standard. dumbasses!


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Last night I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Verizon about my DSL. I went up from 700 something to 1.5, which should be really fast... right? No smile Not much of a difference.

Wow! I’m glad I’m not your ISP smile. Hell hath no fury...

I hope things get better! I am on a painfully slow connection right now and it’s driving me nuts.

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