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mt - auto-discovery

One more reason to upgrade to MT2.5 smile

Trackbacks now can be used with an auto-discovery option. If you click on a permalink for a post, like Robyn ’s Happy birthday to Movable Type! or :mariann: ’s version 2.5. Then I pull up my bookmarklet and type my post.

Then without selecting any post to ping, it will automatically discover the ping that is linked to the entry on Robyn and Mariann’s blogs, and leave them both trackbacks.

So no more need to select an entry to trackback or paste multiple links into a New Entry screen.

Christine ’s Has It Really Been a Year?

(I’m not sure what happens when you do this to people not yet MT2.5 enabled, so I’m testing on Robyn and Mariann because I know they are upgraded. If this pings Christine, too, then it will work on people not yet upgraded, too)


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That auto trackback feature is really cool... I’m curious to see how it develops in usage.

I cannot *wait* to delve into the new version this weekend. I needed something to place with anyway. smile MT rocks.

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