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drugs and headache

I’ve had a headache all evening, lets hope it goes away while I sleep! I was worried because when E went to pick up my drugs, they weren’t there. Because I didn’t go to my dr appt. last week, I didn’t have an official refill, so I was worried that this meant that they weren’t gonna refill them. Which meant that I wasn’t gonna have one to take this evening, and I know that when I forget one, I’m pretty spacy and off the next day. Luckily, the pharmacy called about 10 minutes after E got home and he went back out to get them. Phew!

I would really like to sleep all night. Even though I came up with some brilliant brainstorms for Cis in the middle of the night, I think sleeping would be nice :giggle:

I’m having fun with the Camden’s bowling on 7th Heaven!!! Then its beddy-by for me!


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I hope you’re sleeping well! If you get a chance, check out today’s Fox Trot comic. It reminded me of you.

I really hope that you feel better soon, Kristine. *hugs*

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