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show refs with time

I’m so proud of myself every time I figure out something coding-ish. Even though sometimes it take me a while, my skills are getting better where PHP is concerned, and I worked on something that I’d been wanting to do for a while last night and finished it up this morning - my kadyellebee: last 50 referrers now shows the time that the referrer visited. I did a bit of modifying to the normal LGF Referrers Script to get it to work and then to get it to generate properly, but I finally got it! Makes me feel super-good! smile
Now back to my REAL project ;) ;) ;)


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i want to implement this on my site so i can see who is coming to me. but it was difficult to understand the instructions (even when i went to Scripty Goddess... sorry!)... do you have a very simple way of installing it? you can e-mail me direct as to not clog up your comments. thanks smile

what i meant was... i’ve been meaning to implement the Little Green Footballs script on my site but it was hard to understand... sad

I’ve started using something else* and I like it alot. I didn’t really understand that either but this was easier.

* http://www.yaywastaken.com/referer/default.htm

Very impressive Kristine. Both the work you did and the list itself. smile (This is the 2nd time I posted this, but the prior comment didn’t show up. I goofed.)

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