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fashion police

Join me going through my entertainment bookmarks this morning?

I was totally enjoying going through the E! Online Fashion Police (isn’t Reese a beauty?!!) until I got to the giant slut ick.

Why Genie Francis (Laura) quit - GH insider - Tony has always gotten excellent vacation plans, so I don’t blame her for being sad they wouldn’t do the same for her.


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Reese is beautiful, but I get tired of seeing her everywhere. This morning on the radio they were practically saying her husband beat her. She’s got a broken foot now which her people say happened weeks ago. Notice there is no cast in that picture at the premiere for her movie though. I hope it’s not true, they are such a cute couple.

I agree...Christina is icky. Who told her it was a good idea to wear that?

I love Reese Witherspoon. i think she’s just gorgeous... and her hubby ain’t bad, too.

Christina... why did she have to go all ghetto to get attention?

oh i didn’t read Carla’s comment all the way through... i don’t see how Ryan Phillipe could do that to his wife. they have a baby girl, too. they were just probably teasing and saying that her husband probably broke her foot... just to start rumors.

Christina didn’t go ghetto. Christina didn’t even go slutty. Chriistina has gone so far down in the dirt, she makes streetwalkers on TV look like 1890’s housewives. It’s a shame she’s hellbent on ruining a wonderful career and her voice in trashing her image.

I guess there are alot of rumours of their marriages problems. I hope it’s not true sad They also said Ryan didn’t look to neat either.

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