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sad day

After a morning of correspondence ...

that really made me upset, I’m just feeling really sad and bad about myself right now. Like I’m not a valid person to be part of things. Why do people feel like making me feel small?

It makes me want to close myself up to any online relationships. And it makes me not want to participate in anything group related.



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Aw, sweetie, I’m sorry that someone made you feel this way. I personally think you are one of the sweetest people online and I am so glad I know you. Please, please don’t shut yourself off. People out here do love you and care about you.

I agree, you’re one of the few bloggers I read that makes me smile no matter what! While there are idiots out there who have no feelings, there are also folks out there that would beat up those other folks for ya!

I’ll beat them up for you smile Like Kymberlie and Katie said you are sweet and in the time I’ve been reading your blog, I have yet to see you say anything negative about anything else. Maybe you and I should get together online, I’m all for group stuff ;)

What Carla, Kymberlie and Katie said.


You’re such a sweet person. Ignore the dopes in the world.

PS: The new styles at blogstyles.com are very cool.

PPS: Watch your mailbox again. smile

I echo all the words above. Your a sweetheart and don’t let anyone ever make you second guess yourself. *hugs*

Kristine, I just recently started reading your site in the last couple weeks, but you’ve probably seen my fingerprints all over this and your other web sites. I just love your stuff. Anyway, your post touched me so much, I felt like now would be a good time to say finally something.

I think that people who get off on making others feel bad or small are seriously lacking in several virtues, not the least of which is self-respect. Please please please don’t give them satisfaction by shutting yourself off from the rest of us. I have a feeling, from reading your blog and other sites, that you are a sincere and caring and self-respecting person and that you have a lot of other good virtues. And no one can take any of that away from you, unless you let them. Don’t let them.

Well, nobody really asked for my advice, so I guess I’ll quit... for now. smile

You know what? Next time you feel little and small and not worthy - just head on over to Picture Yourself and look around. Remember, that site would probably not be live right now if it wasn’t for you. And not only is it live - it is getting rave reviews from everyone - including Yahoo! YAHOO!!! I mean, who gets picked up in 6 days by Yahoo as a "Daily pick"? WE do. And the people you dealt with today can NOT claim that. So no matter what, remember you played a huge part in something very cool, and you are incredibly wonderful. They just can’t see past their little lives to realize how amazing you are...

Mush love!

Oh Kristine, you are the most obliging, helpful, friendly and positive person I’ve ever come across, online or off. Even after the short time I have 'known' you, I feel confident that if you aren’t valid to be part of things, then no one is. Don’t let this get you down - you know you are bigger than that. Your sharing soul is something that I wish I could have. Let me say that whatever or whomever it was, they don’t deserve you at all. Make the most of what you have and try not to dwell on those that would push you down. While they are trying to make you feel small, just remember you have a big heart, a big smile, and a very big contingent of loving friends and supporters who will always be there for you.

{{big hugs}}

you need lots of big hugs kristine! i know that i’m this odd person who lurks around here from time to time and you were extremely helpful with my plugin questions so don’t let twits get you down. you can always come and chat away to me on IM or email if you want to!

Oh sweetie - don’t EVER let someone make you feel less than!!! You are so sweet, caring, giving, generous, GIFTED!! and kind. You exude all of these positive characteristics and more - so next time someone tries to make you feel that you’re not any of these things, just remember they can’t take it away from you. You ARE all of those things, you ARE wonderful and you ARE the very best you that you can be. And no on can change that or take it away. We love you, Kristine!

There’s something wrong with the world one someone as talented as you feels this way. I hope you feel a thousand times better!

*(*(*Kristine*)*)* You were one of those sweet, precious people I could not WAIT to get back online to read and know about again. You are beautiful, caring, and giving, and don’t let a few small-minded, crabby, self-hating pinheads ruin your sunny outlook. WE love you, yes we do. laughing

i don’t really know you very well but i think you’re a good person, too; like everyone above. there are people in the world, (both online and off) who just aren’t nice and they unfortunately try to bring the rest of us down with them.
read these comments of so many people who think you’re great and try to forget about whoever it was that was bothering you.

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