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charmed quiz

I went to look and see when Angel started, because TNT was saying that premieres on WB start tomorrow. Not Angel, but a 2 hour season premeire of Charmed, which I’ll enjoy too smile

So of course, I couldn’t help but take the Which Witch Are you? quiz ;) I’m so silly... And I could have guessed this would be the answer...

You just can’t help it: Like Piper, you’re the glue that binds your family and friends together. And if you have to be a little anal to keep it all going, well, who’s complaining? Because you’re so trustworthy and reliable, you’ll always have a devoted group of friends around you.


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Is TNT rerunning Angel as well as Charmed?

hi i took the qiuz and aso my results where piper (holly-maire combs) who is my best actress ever so if you havent yet taken the quiz i would its loads fun.luvyaall kiss

I took the which witch are you quiz and my results
come out as piper halliwell.She has the same sign
as me.GEMENII!!



hey, im from england soi i dont know bout charmed as soon as u americans do. do u know if dere is a series 7 of charmed?

i took the charmed quiz too!i was prue!she is my favorite so i prheart that quiz!smile!i recomend this quiz!


i think that charmed is really good im from england and ive seen most of the episodes up 2 the end of series 6. sum charmed quizzes that ive tuk r gd but ovas r quite crap.

Hey I took the quiz and i turned out to be prue. that is cool she is my second fav. sory pipper is my frist. u both are to cool keep the show up i love it.

Hey pipper/prue love ya.

Hi when i took the quiz i came up as prue(as always)
i love charmed:and if i could choose charmed or a wide screen tv i would choose charmed(100%)


Hey i just took the charmed quiz and I came up Phoebe! This quiz had to best one of the best! Every other quiz i’ve been someone different.

i have taken the charmed quiz many times but i have always come as prue:lollypop,:rainbow,:sleepy,:strawberry.

I LOVE PIPER THE MOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love piper more than any 1 alse in the whole world im not obsessed with her but im just like he and iv met her once iv got her phone number and i might starf in 1 ov da charmed movies!!!!!11

i LOVE piper the Most!!!!!!
i like take a heap of test and always end up with piper
also brian kraus is cute!prheartprheart

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