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I spent some time yesterday reading the first 2 chapters of my CFIDS self-help book (assignment for the week, along with my introduction.

And when I got to the summary of "Understanding Your Situation", I was reminded of a comment that someone said in response to my intro. Basically, she said that I was lucky that I found the group so soon after I become sick. That makes me think, WOW, don’t others who have this great of an impact made on their life search out help? Here’s what I wrote on the sidebar of my book...

I don’t just take things sitting down. I want to do something - research, talk, anything I can to improve my quality of life NOW. I can’t just wait for the doctors to come up with an explaination.
I know that I can’t solve it all myself, but at least I’m actively searching for ways that I can help myself some. How could anyone hit this hard do any less?


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Good for you!! There are many people who just give up. I’m convinced that our mental outlook and determination help us beat this stuff. We might not ever be able to do "normal" things—there are always going to be considerations we have to take. But making those adjustments is better than saying "forget it. If I can’t have my old life, I don’t want one at all."

I’m glad your seeking the positive. I’m cheering for you, girlfriend!

yay for you for being so strong. i agree with zuly about a persons mental outlook playing a part in the outcome. stay strong kristine. you are a beautiful person, and i wish nothing but the best for you.

My last healthy birthday was 1994. I’ve had CFS since mid 1994. I agree that a positive outlook is vital, but you don’t 'need' a supprt group of other sufferers to do this. I didn’t find any kind of support group until about 3 years into it, and this was on the web.

I certainly had the support of my mother and we read what we could and never gave up though. You’ll get great help from a support group, but I do think that it’s useful lifespan will be shorter than you think. You just get 100% focused on the illness and forget other things. After a while I just got so over the whole support group thing and started to interact with healthy people and chat about normal things again. It was actually a greater benefit to me to get away from them than it initially was to join.

I hope you get what you need out them, but don’t forget to do normal stuff to (to the best of your abilities) and if you feel you’re getting dragged in to deep, run for your life (that was a joke, I know you can’t run. Hell, even I still can’t run!).

If you haven’t already, get tested for Lyme and Rickettsia.

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