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celebrity wedding style

Thanks to my favorite wedding girl, Robyn, I took the Which Celebrity Wedding Style are you? quiz...

Not surprising to me: "You chose a traditional wedding." I love the description of Jennie Garth’s wedding, and so I know it fits smile


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Her wedding was so amazing! But did you ever see pics of her hair that day? Yipes! smile

I got the beach wedding, Cindy Crawford style. Oh well, you never know, I guess. I like the idea of everything being natural, though I don’t think I’d actually be ON the beach! smile

That’s some impressive veil she wore! hehe smile But her hair ... yikes is right! I don’t think that you should look like a punk rocker on your wedding day! LOL! I took that quiz and had "traditional," too. That was the only way to go for us ... definitely our style!