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tv stuff

Okay, who was the freak who decided to put on informercials in the morning on WB instead of 7th Heaven reruns? Stupidhead. How could they benefit from that one little bit? And I was *so* enjoying my morning dose of the Camden family. sad I emailed the station and complained!

edited: I heard back - "WB32 no longer has broadcast rights to air 7th Heaven. The program producer, Paramount, made an exclusive cable deal. Therefore, the syndicated reruns can only be seen on cable channel ABC Family." Oh. So I looked at The Family Channel (when did it become ABC Family?) and it looks like its on every night at 7. Which is during Buffy but I’ve watched the reruns a few too many times. Unfortunately, E doesn’t enjoy 7th Heaven at all, so watching it while he’s her isn’t as much fun.

Ah, well, at least I know what happened.


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meanwhile, I’m super-stoked to fianlly have access to 7th Heaven... when WGN lost WB rights, my area lost WB completely.... I lost track of all my faves: the aforementioned family, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek...

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