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sunday recap

We had such a nice time with my family today - we had a delicious dinner - huge beautiful baked potatoes, little corn (dad cut it into smaller pieces than a whole ear), a HUGE bowl of fruit salad, garlic bread, and then apple dumplings for dessert. Needless to say, I was stuffed! But it was absolutely delicious.

Megan only has 9 more days until she leaves for school, and Mom starts next monday. My CFS self-help course starts tomorrow, so in my own way, I’m starting a teeny-schooling myself. (not to mention how hugely I’ve been learning PHP over the last few weeks!)

I think I’m gonna work some on Wednesday this week. And I really think I’m gonna call and cancel my sleep check up because its really pointless because so many things have changed since they decided to send me there.

I’ve been helping E with colors on his new section of his site. And downloading new XP themes (Thanks to GeekGrrl for pointing me to the instructions for using them w/o StyleXP!) Of course, I didn’t like any of them as well as I liked the one I was using, so I went back to that and just designed a new desktop :giggle: I’m a silly dork! smile I’ll take a screenshot for :collectics: in the morning.

Its almost bedtime now, and I’m getting sleepy. I have nice fresh cold water on my desk to take my drugs with, and I’m gonna finish watching jurrassic park (instead of Angel because I got too caught up to change the channel!)

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!


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Good night to you too, sweetie!

Glad to help. smile

You know, I started out with Coughdrop (Licorice). I got it with StyleXP (before I knew about the hack). Then I downloaded all these themes and variants. What do I have on my desktop now? Coughdrop (Cherry). I’m such a weenie.

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