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My hopes for today were to reflect, but I haven’t really had a chance (I just got home from an unexpected day at work). I wanted to at least write a few things.
rina-doll said -

I’m not sure I understand why they have to show us again and again. Like any of us will ever forget? I can’t imagine that anyone wants to see this again.
and I really feel like that matches some of my thoughts on today. Because as I watched the buildings fall down this morning on the news again, its like I can’t stop watching, but I don’t want to be pulled back into that overwhelming sadness that came as they fell down one year ago today.

Where was I? I was already at work, and saw rina-doll ’s post and that freaked me out. I was there really early that morning, and as employees came in, we all shared our worry and sadness as the morning unfolded. My dad called me from wherever he was at, and we talked as the 2nd tower fell down. Moment of scaredness came between us family members for the fear of what could come next. Anxious refreshing of CNN and blogs came for the rest of the day, after we sent all the other employees home and just Annette and me sat vigil at the radio waiting for the few calls that came in. I was home for my MHD the day after and stayed glued to the tv.

It was such a tragedy, and impacted so much for our country. I know that some people feel desensatized by the way the media has covered the situation over the whole last year. I can understand that. I also know that some people are very touched by the way our nation has reacted and have done their part to be patriotic. I’m somewhere in the middle today. I felt blessed to be part of the country when I saw red, white, and blue stripes painted where the white stripes on the road were before. I am encouraged by hearing stories again about the people who were so helpful themselves in helping NYC recover. I am blessed in changes personally that have happened over the last year. God is watching out, and I see evidence of that. So yes, my reflections are positive, and I’m positive that this is a good response, albeit a bit scattered.


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Where were the road stripes painted red, white, and blue? That is amazing! Today was a rough day. Best wishes to you!

Right Wing Texan writes for a political opinion column on giparty.org. His advice to the American people was this:

"Observe this first anniversary with compassion for the victims and their families. Then turn that compassion into anger at the enemy. Stop being afraid. Every day on the pages of these blogs we hear about the fear that consumes some of us. I read stories by people afraid to live their lives and I am saddened and stunned by those reactions. No, I was not in New York on 9/11, but I, and many others have faced danger, lived through it, and went on living. Stop searching for reasons to blame yourselves and your country for the horror that was 9/11. Search instead for the fortitude shown by our ancestors who triumphed against tyranny by taking up arms against the British in the American Revolution. Search for the courage shown by those who fought and won two world wars. Do not give our enemies the satisfaction of seeing us, citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, change our lifestyle and stand idly by while evil fanatics assault us on several fronts."

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