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My plan for today was to sit and listen to relaxing music and try to avoid the news. Do a few projects, and go back and take a nap because I got up early.

Mom just called and the barcode computer isn’t working at all. Which is NOT good because we don’t have any sort of backup system for that data. I don’t even think we have a copy of the program any more because its so old.

So I’m the emergency contact to come in and try to fix it. Which isn’t good because my side pain was already here, and I can feel it getting worse just thinking about it all. Not good!

Think of me this morning and pray that it all works out without any real stress? Thanks.


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I hope everything worked out quickly so you could get back home and relax. It’s a dreary rainy day here to go along with the sadness I feel. It’s bad enough but this would have also been my grandmothers 92nd birthday. That makes things even worse. This time last year, I wouldn’t have imagined she wouldn’t be here this year. And then Saturday will be a year since my grandfather passed away. What a bad week.

Hope you’re doing ok! {{{{{{{ Kristine }}}}}}}

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